A downloadable audiogame for Windows

You're the last person left on the planet. There's a ship waiting for you... across a field full of ravenous zombies. Will you make it home?

Created across the span of a year by a single developer, Planetary Escape is not likely to be similar to any game you've played before. It's an audiogame, meaning that there is no visual output for the game--only sound. Headphones are required, and it's important to make sure they are on the right ears.

Install instructions

Unzip 'PLANETARY ESCAPE.zip' with your program of choice, then run 'PLANETARY ESCAPE.exe' to launch the game.




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Pretty fun!

I really like this game! I really hope to see the concept built upon into a larger game, perhaps with some reasoning behind the lack of visuals (maybe you're playing as someone who has been blinded?). 

Thanks so much for the video review.  I've had lots of people test my game but I haven't been able to hear what they're hearing as they play it before, which is really valuable for me as a developer.

I do intend to make a sequel which takes into account the feedback I got from making this game, though it'll probably be a while in the making. I'm glad you were able to appreciate the game despite its limitations.

Nice idea, but you really shouldn't have put in zombies. Setting aside the whole "zombies make a game fun" cliche and the fact that it just doesn't make much sense as we don't get a backstory of why they are there or why you are there. The zombies just make the game too difficult especially because they don't work properly, the sounds make me think i walked right past a zombie and then the zombies growl gets dimmer and suddenly it tells me i've been eaten. Played it multiple times and couldn't get to the beacon. Also some backstory would be nice.

I'm not sure how to improve this game in that regard because some people find it really easy and some people find it incredibly difficult. But I plan to use a third-party audio positioning library in my next game, which will hopefully improve things.

I will admit that the zombies were a bit of an afterthought and this whole game is a tech demo of sorts, and if I hadn't had the time limit of this also being a college project it could have ended up more polished. Originally, there was a backstory, but it sort of got pushed aside when I realised how much time I really had when I also factored in coursework, etc... I think that the next game I make will be a massive improvement on this, probably with a proper story, etc. Hopefully whenever that comes out, you'll be able to play it and let me know if it's actually  better!

Anyway, thanks for the review. I appreciate people letting me know what they think, so that I can improve. It can be hard to read sometimes when it's very negative, but failing is the first step towards succeeding, right?

Take care!